The ISMF 2015/16 Racing Season with a glance to the future...

The 2015/16 ISMF World Cup racing season has now drawn to its conclusion. The last few months have seen the best athletes in the world participate with great enthusiasm in a series of amazing events. However, even as this season comes to an end we are already looking forward to next year's most important ski mountaineering event, the 2017 ISMF World Championships.

2015/16 saw the implementation of an important media collaboration between the ISMF and Infront, concerning multimedia and advertising rights. So far the first indications look very positive, although the full statistics will not be known until after the end of the sporting season. This collaboration has brought the attention of ski mountaineering to a wider audience as well as giving the opportunity to show off the wonderful locations which host the world cup.

The collaboration and new agreement with local organising committees has been most appreciated by the ISMF and its partners, fully acknowledging all the effort involved by the hosting committees and the national federations when organising a world cup. The ISMF intends to reinforce its collaboration with Infront from the next season, signing a more ambitious long term contract. Infront will retain 60% of the advertising rights within TV camera range of the start and finish line as well as along the race track, whilst 40% will be given over to the local organisers, to distribute amongst their partners and sponsors, both local and institutional. This will give maximum value  to the name of the venue, the name of the ski resort, the province, the region, the country and/or government. Another interesting aspect will be the importance of the commercial village (located outside TV camera range), which offers exposure to the public at an international event.

Obviously, in signing such an important agreement the ISMF is also aware of the impact upon local organisations, in this sense there will be a much closer collaboration and greater quality control concerning the output of flyers, press releases, accreditation and all aspects relating to sponsorship and promotion of the event. National federations and local committees will receive an information pack and be assisted by the ISMF and Infront along every step of the way, so that we can all work together effectively for the future and continued development of ski mountaineering. The current ISMF rules and regulations will be modified to reflect the new conditions, although they already provide a good  basis and information for any organisations wishing to present a world cup candidacy. The ISMF is obviously available to provide any further information required concerning the details of this new working agreement.



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