It is not only a question of etiquette and it is far more than a good practice. It is a matter of good governance and it speaks the universal language of fair play. The ISMF has recently highlighted its ultimate and total adherence to the basic universal Principles of good Governance which have been established by IOC, International Olympic Committee in 2008.

«Those principles are the Dna of every action and they are a kind of not written law in every sport man’s mind and heart» - says Armando Mariotta, ISMF president - «To subscribe and to join this vision have been our priorities since we set up our federal mission».

That is why the ISMF, as a member of the Olympic Movement, has adopted the Principles and enforced them ever since.

Seven are the topics of this “corpus” or recommendations and their value is even more meaningful now that ISMF is entering the last countdown to the full Olympic recognition which may be awarded by the end of the next summer by IOC.

1 Vision, mission and strategy

Ski mountaineering is considered one of the growing winter sports but it has always been based only on self energy to move on every kind of snowy terrain. ISMF will not forget this: its main mission is to encourage and promote the development of the discipline and in the meantime to keep the impact low on the environment.

2 Structures, regulations and democratic process

With a very well rooted structure both at national and international level, all ISMF members share the same vision, rules and regulations. The discussion of any new instance undergoes a standard procedure where democracy is guaranteed by means of a process involving different entities, such as the Management Committee, the Executive Board up to the Plenary Assembly which is held once a year.

3 Highest level of competence, integrity and ethical standards

All the processes are written and discussed according to ethical standards, following the example of the biggest international sport organization. The ISMF has an ethical code and doesn’t take any technical decision in particular matters, without previously consulting external experts.  

4 Accountability, transparency and control

Accountability of each ISMF position is written in the organization chart. The Plenary Assembly has to approve the balance documents of the previous year and the available budget. One of the federal priority is to promote the Ski -  mountaineering among youth organizations by organizing annual camps. In the field of education a development commission is working on a new project for the Skimo promotion.

5 Solidarity and development

By distributing part of its balance to sport, and part to other activities, one of the main effort of the ISMF is to help countries that are trying to develop Skimo as a discipline. To do so, the ISMF reduce the annual membership fee and involve race organizers to offer financial contributions.

6 Athletes’ involvement, participation and care

No discrimination is ever allowed on the race fields. The ISMF promotes and supports, by all means, gender equality in its activities. Two athletes (A man and a woman) are part of the Managing Committee. According to the ethic code the ISMF parties shall guarantee the athletes condition of safety, welfare and medical care. Strict and constant is the anti - doping assessment, thanks to a cooperation with the Sport Accord Commission.

7 Harmonious relations with Governments while preserving autonomy

The ISMF parties shall work to maintain harmonious relations with state authorities, in accordance with the principle of universality and political neutrality of the movement. The ISMF parties are free to play a public role in life in the countries they belong to. Nevertheless, they may not engage any activity or follow any ideology inconsistently with the principle and the rules defined in the federal Statute.

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