ALBUFEIRA (Portugal) - Day one in Albufeira. From the scent of the ocean, thinking of the top of the mountains, the 2016 ISMF Plenary Assembly started its work to define some important topics for the next season. This is one of the most important federal meeting of the year. Eventually there is time to sit down and talk, share ideas and discuss. Every nation comes with its hints and issues after the long winter. This year 20 nations are attending the “PA”, not only from Europe and the “core” of the Alps, but also with delegate coming from South Korea, Japan, Russia and Turkey. In the long workshop many new projects were presented: most of them are likely to find concrete application already from the next season.

Here you are some “pills” about the news set up from the Sport Department:


  • New continental referee and referee chart

It is the hard life of referees. They must be strict and precise. Ski mountaineering has very many moments when a good glance can make the difference to highlight some irregular movements or intentions. A pair of ski “falling down” from the back pack, thus making it fast and easier to switch from hiking to skiing mode. And again: poles in the wrong position when skinning or “unskinning” your ski. How do we double check all this procedures? It is not a matter of having a “big brother” on site, but the mission is to omologate the referee system in every kind of race, not only during a World cup competition. On average, every race can count on four referees (2 ISMF referee and two National referees) plus the technical director supervision. But ISMF is determined to work on the standard quality of the referee. “We will set up the new and “intermediate” figure of a continental referee” explains Oriol Montero Garcia, ISMF referee manager. The project will involve countries were ski mountaineering is only being developed in recent times. Basic english, as long as basic skiing, is, obviously, needed and will set up the standard required in any level race, also lower than a World cup event. “It is a slow path: we will not jump to an highest level all of a sudden, also because we don’t want to leave anyone behind. We need every body’s help and we don’t want to loose the professional commitment of the people already working for us”, adds Montero Garcia.


  • Race data

The rules comission accepted the proposal of Yannick Ecoeur, Swiss national team athlete and ISMF athletes representative at the rules comission, to improve accuracy to estimate race time. “We will work to collect data from the races in order to develop a scientific approach”, says Gil Orriols Jansana, ISMF Td. The ISMF Sports Department will work to improve the race time estimation accuracy and also to improve the knowledge about ski mountaineering performance parametres and indicators.


  • Finish line equipment

Just imagine what can happen on the very last seconds of a race when the final result is decided by the crossing of a tiny finish line. What, if the last actions scene gets particularly “crowded”? Fotofinish is the answer, but when the high temperature tend to melt the snow, the line can get a bit “winding” and less linear, indeed. That is why the ISMF and ski - mountaineering will take good examples from other “winter sports cousins”, such as biathlon or cross country and will adopt a similar tool to preserve the finish line in standard conditions. “We are assessing different kind of tools – explains Gil Orriols Jansana – and will be ready to set up the new device by next season”. No excuse! The winner will be undisputable.



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