MILAN, 21st November 2016 – Better together. When winter is finally knocking at the door of the Alps, ISMF – International ski - mountaineering Federation is ready to answer with big news this year. Until 1st June 2018 a crucial biennial agreement with LGC – La Grande Course has been signed, in order to define a brand new world ranking point system. «It will be more challenging and fairer for athletes – says Armando Mariotta, ISMF presidentbecause, from the one hand, the winner takes it all, but on the other hand, all the different disciplines and kind of races will be better evaluated».

At present the ten competitions of the ISMF ski world Cup circuit result in individual scores per type of competition - Individual, Vertical, Sprint - with specialty world Cup winners and a winner of the Overall title. La Grande Course is, as well, a circuit that includes five among the most important international competitions of Skimo in the world, from the double “classical” French appointment with Altitoy - Ternua and Pierra Menta, the legendary Patrouille des Glaciers held in Switzerland, to the three Italian “diamonds” of Adamello ski race, Millet Tour du Rutor Extrême, and Trofeo Mezzalama. «Three LGC races are held in odd years – says Adriano Favre, LGC president - when the ISMF world Championship is planned. In even years, with no Champs, the LGC races get up to four events». Each competition is performed by teams of two or three athletes and it is possible to carry out each race with a different partner, whatever their nationality. Only the final ranking is individual.

The main feature of this agreement regards the ISMF world ranking which is the outcome of an international calendar and  becomes the absolute ranking for the sum of race points, obtained by the athlete who took part in the race of world Cup, world Champs, continental Championship, ISMF Series plus La Grande Course. LGC will keep, though, a dedicated rules and regulations system for its races and will draw a parallel ranking for those attending, only or mostly, the LGC circuit. «To ensure a greater equity, each kind of race has a pack of points which contributes to the international ranking», add Favre and Mariotta. Both ISMF world Cup events (10 – 11 races) and LGC events (5 to 9 days of races) can bring up to 1200 points each. The Champs are 600 – 800 points worth, continental or worldwide respectively. ISMF series count 50 points each race.  The ISMF and LGC agree on the need to give good and improved visibility to the athlete winning the ISMF world ranking. For such reason, the ISMF and LGC will agree in time a final joint awards ceremony for the athletes.

But this is not all, and not only a matter of figures and numbers. «The collaboration between LGC and ISMF - explain Mariotta and Favre -  will have the additional objective to promote ski mountaineering in the world, in respect of the Olympic Charter». In particular, the ISMF and LGC agree to support a shared programme of the fight against doping which will be managed by the ISMF, through a specialized and accredited company.

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