MILAN, 13th January 2017 – Ready, set, go! In a week time the 2017 ISMF world Cup will kick off in Andorra with an and Individual and a Vertical race scheduled on 21st and 22nd January, in Arcalis and Arinsal area. This is not news but a strong tradition Skimo world can count on: the mountains of the snowy Principality have hosted a world Cup opening for three times.

THE KAL News come, indeed, from the circuit itself which involves five different countries hosting the eleven different races of the ISMF world Cup. In 2017 Skimo will not only be about ISMF world Cup but also world Championship in Italy, in Alpago and Piancavallo area, from 23rd February to 2nd March. And that is not all: thanks to the new world ranking system, managed by ISMF in cooperation with LGC – Le grande Course, the ISMF Series races are moving a step forward, getting “adult” and more appealing. «After the full olympic recognition, this is going to be a very important season, a sort of new starting point», said Armando Mariotta, ISMF president. Here  you are some good hints to better enjoy the whole season. And should you be in Andorra on Friday 20th, join us for a very special ceremony!



21st – 22nd January, Andorra, Font Blanca Individual and Vertical

28th – 29th January, France, Cambre D’Aze, Individual and Sprint

11th – 12ve February, Turkey, Erzincan, Individual and Sprint

From 23rd February, Italy, Alpago and Piancavallo World Championships

24th – 26th March, Italy, Mondole, Individual, Vertical and Sprint

8th – 9th April Spain, Val d’Aran  Individual and Vertical


THE RANKING New ranking, more value: this is the sense of the new biennial agreement between ISMF and LGC on the world ranking. The system is rolling up on yearly basis, which will take into account the athletes’ points earned from the ISMF world Cup, the Champs (World and Continental), the LGC and the ISMF Series. «We want to stress the importance of all the races, including the ISMF Series which will count 80 points each, thus becoming crucial also for top level athletes», says Marco Mosso, ISMF vice president marketing & communications. The 2017 calendar can count, for the time being, on five ISMF Series, two in Europe, and three in Asia. President Mariotta visted Korea last year to attend one of this race and together with vice President Mosso will be in China, later in february, to check and enjoy the terrain. Here it is the current ISMF Series calendar.



15th January Italy, Ski alp race Ahrntal Individual

21st February, China, Skimo Wanlong Individual, Vertical and Sprint

11th March, Korea, Gangwon provincial governor cup, Individual and Vertical

8th April, France, Puy St.Vincent Long distance and Team

21st April, Russia, Kamchatka Vertical and Individual

THE PRIZE Do you need to jog your memory about last season? We ended up in Switzerland with the last LGC race – the legendary Patrouille des glaciers – partially cancelled due to bad weather. So the overall world Cup winners’ prize ceremony will take place in Andorra, at the beginning of the new year of competitions. On friday 20th at 6 PM every one’s invited in Placa D’Ordino to congratulate the athletes. Here you are those who will be on stage. www.ismf-ski.org.


MEN OVERALL                                                                                                                                               LADIES OVERALL

Michele Boscacci (ITA) 999 pt.                                                                                                             Laetitia Roux (FRA) 1415

Robert Antonioli (ITA) 839                                                                                                       Claudia Galicia Cotrina (SPA) 772

Anton Palzer (GER) 805                                                                                                                      Jennifer Fiechter (CH) 760









Lucia Galli

ISMF press office

+39 349 846 9610




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