LAUSANNE, 27th February 2017 – They are the team “behind”. They act like fans and they support you also when things are not easy. For better and for worse – as in a wedding -, they are among the first to believe in athletes and it is often through their only support that young sport men and women are able to grow, prepare and show their value. They are the sponsors and the skimo family has witnessed an increasing, positive interest from many enterprises from the winter sports area and not only.

After its debut in Ski Mountaineering as “presenting” sponsor in 2016, for the year 2017 the ISMF world Cup can still count on INTERSPORT group to have the whole season sponsored. The brand has decided to link its image and message both to the world Cup and to the world Championships, becoming “title” sponsor of all competitions.

«It is a great pleasure and a honour to receive the attention of such big names –says Armando Mariotta, ISMF president – : it means that we are working in the right direction to grow and spread our message, also thanks to the fundamental role of our advisor INFRONT Sports & Media which is hard working to promote theskimo reality».

As for the world Champs currently running in Alpago and Piancavallo, Italy, the ISMF has met the fundamental support of a great example of “made in Italy”. ENERVIT, leader in sport nutrition and food supplement in endurance and outdoor activities - such as Cycling, Running and Triathlon -  has decided to play, for the first year, as the “official” sponsor of the international event. The Italian brand has always shared many values also with the story of winter sports. ENERVIT is also “official” sponsor and supplier of the Italian Ski Mountaineering National Team, it is partner of FISI - winter sports Italian Federation and supports the Cross Country, Biathlon and Nordic Combined teams, too. «We are proud to be back on top of theskimo movement – says Paolo Calabresi, Enervit marketing director – : Ski Mountaineering has always been studied by our equipe for its features and the environmental conditions of its playground».

The same interest for sport and mountains is at the base of the renewed commitment of UBI Banca towards winter disciplines: already partner in many international skimo events, like the LGC - La grande Course Mezzalama trophy and Adamello ski raid, the Italian bank has now become “presenting” sponsor of Sprint competitions, both in ISMF world Cup and world Championships, supporting, from this year, also the Italian skimo team as it already happens with Snowboard and Freestyle: «Sport sponsorship are strategic for UBI Banca – says Elisabeth Rizzotti, UBI Banca head of marketing -  : with NBA and Juventus we proved it by creating special credit and prepaid cards, tailored on fans and supporters. We are now doing the same with Ski Mountaineering, a discipline we decided to support this season and thanks to the world Champs. The Italian team, in particular, is a worldwide example of excellence. We find it also an important commercial chance to work at those champions’ side».

Ski Mountaineering and ISMF can count on some consolidated support and cooperation, like the one with KARPOS group, that has confirmed its work side by side as “official” sponsor of the world Championships and is today one of the pioneer name to have believed in the skimo family.

Last but not least, the current season can welcome also a new name, a “fresher” in the sponsoring “pool”. It is MARLENE, Vog group: the “blue apple” is “presenting” sponsor of all Vertical events in the ISMF world Cup and in the Champs. The enterprise has shown a special attention also to the “open” world, by creating an open race Circuit following the positive example of the Alpine Skiing Marlene cup, at its 4th edition. «Ski Mountaineering is an intense, emotional, open air sport: as apple producer in South Tyrol we have a kind of similar “core business” in the mountains and we share the importance of the natural context environment – saysSabine Oberhollenzer PR&Sponsoring manager - . There is an additional similarity between our mission and the skimo world: only those who are really motivated can practice Ski Mountaineering, and so it goes for our workers and producers who strongly believe in their job».


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