LAUSANNE, 7th March 2017 – One week ago the 2017 ISMF world Championships said thanks and good bye to Alpago Piancavallo, Italy, after a week of record with 25 countries competing for the same worldwide glory. Now it is time to skin and wax skies again and go for the rest of the season. Spring time is always the turning point of the year, but it is also a kind of brand new start: what really matters is to make the most of the season and of the efforts carried out so far.

Two more ISMF world Cup stages are ahead, but moreover the LGC La grande Course season is about to start, from tomorrow with the legendary ride of the Pierra Menta, France.

In the world Cup the games are still open in literally every discipline with four races to go among Mondolé – Prato nevoso, Italy, scheduled from the 24th March and the Grand finale in Val’D’Aran Spain, just before Easter.

“The main legacy of the last Champs – says Armando Mariotta, ISMF president – is the great variety of nations that attended the event: we are very proud of this result which boost our confidence”. Setting a succesful world Cup stage in Turkey, earlier in February and exploring future possibilities and further dialogue with China were the federal targets of the year. Now it is time to race again: “We are ready! – says Adriano Favre LGC president -  Pierra Menta is the official season opening. For the biggest champions of the skimo world in love with mountains, altitude and the LGC philosophy, this is the kick off of the greatest classic competitions which will continue in Italy with Adamello Ski Raid at the beginning of April and Trofeo Mezzalama from 22nd April".

 The LGC circuit is composed by six competitions, taking place alternatively every other year, from the double “classical” French appointment with Altitoy - Ternua and Pierra Menta, the legendary Patrouille des Glaciers held in Switzerland, to the three Italian “diamonds” of Adamello ski race, Millet Tour du Rutor Extrême, and Trofeo Mezzalama.

At the beginning of the 2017 season ISMF and LGC signed a biennial agreement on the world ranking. This new deal is the outcome of an international calendar and  becomes the absolute ranking for the sum of race points, obtained by the athlete who takes part in the race of world Cup, world Champs, continental Championship, ISMF Series plus La Grande Course.

“This is the best way to give good and improved visibility to the athlete winning in all kinds of competitions”, add Favre and Mariotta. For such reason, the ISMF and LGC will agree in time a final joint awards ceremony for the athletes.







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