Anton Palzer and Laetitia Roux win the World Cup Vertical Race at Prato Nevoso (Cuneo).

Verena Streitberger and Rémi Bonnet dominate the Junior category. In the Espoir category victory went to Anton Palzer and Axelle Mollaret.

This morning on the snow of Prato Nevoso at Frabosa Soprana the last competition of the season of the Scarpa ISMF World Cup circuit Vertical Race took place. In the shade of Mondolè, after a couple of days of bad weather and more than 80 centimetres of fresh snow fall, the finals of the World Cup began in an incredibly beautiful setting of snow-covered mountains bathed in spring sunshine. The programme for the day foresaw 700 metres of altitude gain for the Seniors and 500 metres of altitude gain for the junior categories.

Immediately after the departure the large group climbed together towards the first difficult uphill section. On the following flat section the German Anton Palzer, the Spaniard Kilian Jornet Burgada, with the Italians Damiano Lenzi, Robert Antonioli and Manfred Reichegger, took the initiative and the lead a few metres ahead of the rest of the group. On the second steep uphill slope Palzer and Kilian sped up and took the lead; only Damiano Lenzi managed to keep up with the leaders, a few metres behind Kilian and Palzer. On the second-to-last steep uphill slope Kilian tries again to speed up and get away from Palzer; the German lets Kilian finish his manoeuvre and then catches up with the Spaniard almost immediately. At the end of the first flat stretch of the last uphill slope, Kilian once again takes first place, but this time Palzer does not leave his wake and within sight of the arrival arch speeds up, stepping on the accelerator, and is the first to cross the finishing line with a time of 26’10''. Kilian arrives immediately afterwards, ten seconds later. The podium is completed by Damiano Lenzi who finishes with a time of 26’29''. Robert Antonioli and Manfred Reichegger are, respectively, fourth and fifth.
In the World Cup speciality rankings Kilian Jornet Burgata obtains first place with 280 points, in front of Anton Palzer (260 points) and of Damiano Lenzi (150 points). Of the Espoirs victory goes to Anton Palzer in front of Federico Nicolini and Daniel Zugg.
In the women's competition Laetitia Roux wins with Laurel Orguè Vila second, retaking first place after obtaining second place in the Verbier Vertical Cup Race. Roux won with a time of 25'12", while the Spanish woman came in 47 seconds later. The podium is completed by the French woman Axelle Mollaret, who with third place is victorious in the Espoir rankings. The Swedish Emelie Forsberg is fourth, while the Swiss Victoria Kreuzer is fifth. In the speciality rankings Laetitia Roux climbs onto the highest step of the podium ahead of Victoria Kreuzer and the French woman Axelle Mollaret. Of the Espoirs Axelle Mollaret wins the speciality, in second place is Jennifer Fiechter, while Marta Garcia Farres is third.
In the races reserved for the Junior categories victory for the boys went to the Swiss Rémi Bonnet, while of the girls the Austrian Verena Streitbergerto dominated. The boys' podium is completed by the Italian Davide Magnini and the French Swann Juillaguet.
Of the girls Alba De Silvestro is second while Giulia Compagnoni is third. In the World Cup speciality Rémi Bonnet is first, 200 points ahead of Davide Magnini and the Swiss Arnaud Gasser. Of the girls' classification Giulia Compagnoni and Alba De Silvestro have 160 points while Verena Streitberger is third, also with 160 points.
Tomorrow the competition continues with the Individual Race; departure and arrival will be at Prato Nevoso, passing over Mondolè's spectacular summit.

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