Dear Federations Members of the ISMF
Dear Members of the ISMF Managing Committee and Board
Dear athletes and coaches
Dear ISMF Stakeholders

The ISMF is just going to finish a very decisive and busy year. Lots of important events and decisions distinguished the last year as one of the most crucial periods in the ISMF life history.

 - Another collaboration sporting season with La Grande Course with the World Cup of the Long Distance discipline.

 - The evaluation of 2015 World Championships in Verbier and the realization of Sustainability Guidelines for ISMF future events with the help of AISTS.

 - A Plenary Assembly with the nomination of a new Management Committee and Board.

 - The creation of a marketing&TV project on the 2015-2016 skimo season with our new partner Infront.

 - Another successful skimo Youth Camp held in Germany thanks to the great effort from DAV and OESV.

The great mile stone will be in August 2016 with, we hope, the  full recognition from the IOC.

I'd like to remind that the Plenary Assembly will be held in Portugal next year, kindly hosted by the FCMP.

Finally, I really would like to thank all the ISMF family and stakeholders for their support over the past year and I hope that the 2016 will bring success to all our member federations and also for the ISMF to continue to achieve its goals.

I wish to you all health and success for 2016!

Armando Mariotta
ISMF President



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