Kilian Jornet Burgada and Laetitia Roux win the Vertical World Cup at Mondolè Ski-Alp

The three-day competition of the ISMF World Cup final circuit, at the Mondolè Ski facility is playing out under the bright sun in a natural setting of incredible beauty.

At the Vertical Race start line were some of the best specialists, many of them had taken part in the Pierra Menta (first stage of the long distance circuit).  The fact he had completed 10,000 metres only a few days ago did not deter Catalan Kilian Jornet Burgada from winning the Vertical World cup after having triumphed on the Areches Beaufort. 

The Spaniard won with a time of 28’05”, and beat the German Anton Palzer (28’26”), and Swiss Remi Bonnet (28’54”). Among the day's top ten were Martin Werner, Manfred Reichegger, Pietro Lanfranchi, Didier Blanc, Nejc Kuhar, Michele Boscacci and William Bon Mardion.

In the womens’ event there were no surprises when Transalpine Laetitia Roux took the first place in 23’52”. Second place went to her compatriot Axelle Mollaret with 24’16”, while in third place was the Italian Katia Tomatis who stopped the clock at 24’33”. In the top ten were Victoria Kreuzer, Jennifer Fiechter, Alba De Silvestro, Claudia Galicia Cotrina, Ida Nilsson, Marta Riba and Heidi Bersteiner.  

On the Espoir Leader board were Anton Palzer and Alba De Silvestro. On the podium with the German Palzer and Swiss Remi Bonnet was the Italian Nadir Maguet. In the women’s event Marianne Fatton and Eugenie Tornay arrived after the Italian.

In the junior race there was a double win with Davide Magnini and Giulia Murada beating Samuel Equy, Simon Bellabouvier, Ina Forchthammer and Laura Corazza.

This first day of competition is over and tomorrow will see the individual races. On Sunday everyone will be back on the trail for the spectacular sprint race.



Online on ISMF website: http://ismf-ski.org/www/content/races-result?id=158

All the ISMF World Cup rankings are online on: http://ismf-ski.org/ismf2011/rankings.php


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